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Asbestos Products

Asbestos Yarn (ASB-101) :

Asbestos Yarn
  • Asbestos yarn is made of white, clean crystallite Twisted Asbestos Fiber which have been mechanically twisted to increase tensile strength.
  • It has excellent resistant powers at high temperature.
  • Ready flexibility is an additional advantage.

  • Available in three varieties : NON-METALLIC , METALLIC (Brass Wire) and MANTLE
  • Thickness Available : 0.8 mm to 6.0 mm
  • Supplied in : ½ kg & 1 kg spool

Applications :

  • Extensively used as Caulking, Sealing and Heat Insulating Materials on Thermal Installations and Heat Conducting Systems.
  • It’s used for Impregnated Packings, Tubing, Sewing, Electrical Braiding, Resistance Nets, Cores and Manufacturing Incandescent Mantles.
  • It is recommended for Saturated and Super-Heated Steam, Hot Water, Air, Gases, Oils, Steam Expansion Glands, Rotary and Reciprocating Equipment.