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Teflon PTFE Products

Teflon PTFE Rod :

Teflon PTFE Rod
  • Rods are available in both virgin grades and reprocessed (mechanical) for less demanding applications.
  • Various fillers are available to modify the properties of PTFE to meet application requirements.
  • Teflon Rod has the lowest coefficient of friction of all known solid materials.
  • Teflon Bar has the best electrical properties of all plastic rods.

Teflon PTFE Sheet :

Teflon PTFE Sheet
  • Skived and Molded sheets can be made in any thickness from 0.5 mm upto 100 mm
  • Skived and Molded sheet is ideal as a slide surface, for chute liners, other kinds of liners, diaphragms, including complex stamped gasket configurations for many pharmaceutical and food processing.

Teflon PTFE Bushes :

Teflon PTFE Bushes
  • PTFE bushes which are extensively used in various industrial applications.
  • Fabricated from superior grade PTFE, these bushes have long work life during which user optimize their utility.

Specifications :

  • OD : 12 to 250 mm (standard)
  • ID : 6 to 200 mm (Standard)
  • LENGTH : 100 mm (Standard) upto 300 mm or longer in special cases

PTFE Tubes & Pipes :

PTFE Tubes and Pipes
  • PTFE tubes and pipes which are extensively used in chemical processing industry.
  • These tubes and pipes are appreciated for their unique features such as :
      >> Chemical resistance to all known chemicals
      >> High temperature resistance
      >> Insulation to electricity
      >> Non-flammable

Specifications :

  • DIA : 3 to 300 mm (Standard)
  • LENGTH : 300 to 1000 mm (Standard), or in length coils